Comes with the Territory- Author entitlement, Agent safety

steady as she goes

I always joke that I have the least dangerous job in the world. I am literally paid to read, all day every day. Sometimes I answer email. Sometimes I get taken to lunch! Most of the time, though, it’s reading, and using my judgment as a reader and agent to select things out of a slush pile for further reading or for representation.

I tend to believe that there is very little peril in this. And if I sometimes get horrible emails in response to rejections, so what? It comes with the territory.

My view of my quiet, danger-free job was challenged this morning upon hearing about literary agent Pam Van Hylckama(@BookaliciousPam)’s experiences last night—she was in her car with her dog, on her way to pick up her daughter, when a man came up to her car and knocked off her side view mirror. When she rolled…

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