On Parenting

This is a very short blog aimed at all parents. I’m a father of two, a ten year old and a four year old. I worry about my children and want the best for them. Now,  I’m sure most people are aware of the Adrian Peterson case. I’m not going to call it a scandal. Because it’s not a scandal. It’s about a father, a son, and the welfare of a child. I believe we all have a responsibility to all the children in our community which is why I’m not opposed to the legal system intervening in this matter to ensure that the child (who does need discipline) has not been abused and is in any danger. I do know parents can go overboard. (I also recognize that parents can go under-board). In light of that, my questions to parents are simple ones: when disciplining your child, can you say, “This hurts me more than it hurts you?”, Does the punishment exceed the infraction? Does it take away from from your intended lesson?, Is it solely based on what your parents did to you?. The reason I ask these things is because times have changed. What may have been right and appropriate in a different era is not right and appropriate today. As a people, we have evolved. We can prepare our children for tomorrow better. Please consider, I’m not condoning or criticizing any parent’s method of punishment. What I’m saying is that all disciplinary actions should be for the betterment of the child’s future; but without harming the child mentally or physically in his or her present. We can and should be better than our parents;but our focus should always be on getting our children ready for their places in the community. Looking the other way on infractions is not an option; but beating the crap out of children isn’t either.


Just musing

Someone asked me if I was going to get back to honoring my past heroes, teachers, professors, or anyone who has been inspirational in my life. Previously, I paid homage to Mrs. Read and Mr. Gerald, two teachers from my past. And the answer is yes, I plan to get back to that. There are a few more people I want to cyberally thank. But not this post. This post, I’m paying homage to my favorite FOUR television shows of all time. Now, anyone who knows me or has been around me regularly know I often quote from these shows. I’ve watched them all over and over again. Anyway without further adieu, my favorite, and I should say comedies of all time….4. Martin…3. Sanford & Son…2. Seinfeld…1. Andy Griffith. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know why. I just love these shows and I’m not apologizing!