An interview with C. Edward Baldwin

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C. Edward Baldwin

Last Wednesday, I reviewed The Rememberers, by C. Edward Baldwin. Here are his responses to my interview queries:

What was the one of the most surprising things you learned while writing Rememberers?
That the concept of Eternal Return has been around since man could think and communicate his thoughts. It was fun researching the book, and adding my thoughts to the mix. Some early readers have commended on the religious aspects of the story. And quite frankly, I’m puzzled by some of the feedback. I’m a Christian, but Rememberers is not a Christian book. It includes concepts from many different religions. I really don’t know how I could’ve written a story about eternal return, reincarnation, and demons, among other things, without including religion in the mix.

I noticed the current cover is different to an older cover for Rememberers, what gives?
The original cover was on the advance…

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