2014 – Where hath ye gone & why doth ye despise me so much?

As we get closer & closer to the holiday season, I’m starting to reflect a little on 2014. Oh, I had such lofty goals for this year. I like most folk started out the year with such high expectations. This was going to be my year! I even had some numerical data to back it up, i.e. I was born in 68, 6 plus 8 equals 14. So ergo, 2014 was my year, you see. It probably sounds silly; but hey I felt good and eager and it all seemed to fit. The world was going to be mine, finally. But alas, 2014 is creeping towards the back door, trying to step out without so much as a thank you and right after eating a fabulous dinner on my dime. Why 2014? What had I done to you? Wasn’t I good to you. I set modest goals, nothing too difficult for you. Like my goal of losing 5 pounds. Just 5 measly pounds mind you and what did you do? You stuck twenty more pounds on me. Twenty! Now, I have to look at my doctor during next year’s exam and will have to suffer thru his tsk, tsk looks. I don’t need that kind of aggravation. And what about my career? I set modest goals there too, very modest ones like selling at least 50k books. Well you screwed that one up too. I’ve fallen well short of 50K, well short. And to top that off, you know my day job performance this year, 2014,  has been well short of stellar. And now that dreaded year end performance evaluation looms. I can just see my supervisor, salivating, ready to come firing at me, literally on all cylinders. This wasn’t supposed to be 2014. You made me promises. I made some to others based off your enthusiastic assurances that you was indeed my year. You said I only had to approach it that way. And I did. I set my goals. I dreamed big. I worked hard. I I did those things 2014; but it now looks as if you’re not  going to uphold your end of the bargain. And worse yet, you’re trying to sneak out of here as if I wouldn’t notice. Well sit your big butt back down in that chair. You still have a little time left to do something. Anything. I’m groveling now. But throw me something. Give me some reason to think that 2015 won’t be a lying, sniveling backslider like you’ve been so far. Show some pity, 2014. Give me some hope for 2015.  Anything at all. I oh so want to like her.