Rememberers the Playlist

RememberersRememberers by C. Edward Baldwin

The playlist:

1. Back to Life – Soul II Soul
2. If This Is It – Huey Lewis & the News
3. Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar
4. You Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby
5. Let’s Dance – David Bowie
6. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – P.M. Dawn
7. I’d Die Without U – P.M. Dawn
8. You Gotta Be – Desiree
9. Hopeless – Dionne Farris
10. I Know – Dionne Farris
11. Next Lifetime – Eryka Badu
12. The Light – Common
13. I would Die 4 U – Prince
14. Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club
15. Fantasy – Mariah Carey
16. Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
17. Fantasy – Earth, Wind, & Fire
18. I wish – Skee-Lo
19. I Try – Macy Gray
20. 1999 – Prince

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I lied–I Believe in God

You heard that old saying: You can’t see the forest for the trees. Basically what it means is that sometimes you’re too close to a situation to see the bigger picture. And that I must confess is exactly what happened in my writing, particularly with my latest novel, Rememberers. People have called me out on it being a ‘religious’ book. A charge I flatly denied. After all, I didn’t set out to write a religious book, I said. And it was true, I didn’t set out to write a religious book. I equated ‘religious’ book with ‘Christian fiction’ And I know I wasn’t writing Christian fiction. I don’t have a problem with Christian fiction. But, I don’t want to write it. But, here’s the confession. My first two books are “GOD’ fiction. I believe in God, and alas that belief has crept into my writing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (except for some of the venomous messages I’ve received). Based on some of the messages I’ve gotten, it seems that GOD is not cool at the moment. I can’t tell you how many people have let me have it because of the “Religiousness” of my work. At first, I ran from it. Some of you read my previous blog, I vehemently denied that my work was religious. But I’m going to have to retract that. It is religious. Again, it’s not Christian fiction. I know, because I’m a Christian. My late mother was a Christian. I have fictional concepts in the book that are decidedly not Christian. But that’s okay. The books are works of fiction. In the fictionalized world of these two books, GOD exists. Don’t mean to offend anyone but it’s true. If that bothers you, here’s my suggestion–DON’T READ THE BOOKS. I want to also say, don’t trash them. But I also believe in free speech. So, you’ll get to say whatever you want about them. My sincere hope is that you would judge the books on their merit and not just because you abhor anything remotely religious.

The Wizard World Experience

I attended my first Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend and in a word, wow!. When I signed up for Wizard World Raleigh I had no idea what to expect. I was anxiously looking forward to it of course, but I didn’t know how I would be accepted. I’m an author with exactly one book under my belt, a crime thriller no less and my sophomore book, although an urban fantasy book (which I thought might generate some interest with the graphic novel crowd), is not hitting the streets until June.) How could I, C. Edward Baldwin, an unknown in the Wizard World community, compete with the David Tennants and William Shatners of the world. Well, I got to tell you, just fine thank you very much. Now don’t get wrong, there were many people who attended the Con in Raleigh that still have no idea who C. Edward Baldwin is. But the people who stopped by my booth or even smiled nicely at me while scurrying on by it, made me feel as welcomed as a ham sandwich at an ant mound. They were polite, pleasant, and good-natured. I really don’t have the words to describe how good they made me feel. A good deal of them waited patiently as I pitched my book or played the trailer for it. If it sounded like something they were interested in, they either bought the book or e-card on the spot or promised to explore the book further later. Many of these folk would come back later in the day and buy the book. If it wasn’t their thing, they thanked me kindly nonetheless and moved on. Either way, everyone made me feel absolutely welcomed. So, this post is just about saying to the Wizard World Community….THANK YOU! I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to more Wizard World Cons.

What the Big 5 Publishers and Agents Don’t Want You 2 KNOW

This is an exciting time to be a writer!. No, it’s not the self-publishing golden days of the recent past. 2010 where hath thy gone? No, it’s 2015. At this juncture, indie-publishing has settled into its true self. The new normal has arrived and will be here awhile. In other words, indie-published writers as do writers of any ilk, have work to do, namely write. But unlike, traditional published writers, indie-writers’ workloads are a lot heavier, because indie-writers have to also indie-publish. It’s the publish part that scares or confuses a lot of indie-writers. Why that is, I don’t know. Just what exactly were they signing up for. Writing has never been an easy gig and by extension never was publishing. In the past anyone entering these endeavors understood and accepted the risks. And the people that didn’t, well they weren’t cut out for it anyway. But when Amazon rolled in, a lot of people threw caution to the wind and jumped in with both feet with their eyes wide-opened. Now that the dust has settled, those very people are saying WTF!. And the system is now correcting itself in many ways. Writing is hard. Publishing is even harder!. The big guys have always known that. They thought you did too, until recently. But now the big boys are seeing a lot of the indie-pubs running to them for comfort and forgiveness and the big boys are pleased. The agents are even more pleased. And the agents have a right to be because the big boys won’t even talk to any writer who hasn’t first gotten the sacred blessing of an agent. Glory be and land sakes alive! The good ole days are back, baby!

But are they really? No. The genie has been let out of the bottle and no matter what the big five pubs or their henchman agents think, that genie can no longer fit the bottle, and thus will be forever free. Why? Because some of us have learned a truth. It’s a truth that the big five pubs and agents have always known. Bestselling authors have known it too; but for whatever reason decided not to make too much of it. What is that truth? Lean in and read closely: the big boys, the agents, the publicists, or any other so called expert, none of them, nary a one of them, has any clue what book the public will collectively buy. They never know, until gasp, the collective public, buys it. It’s for real. I wouldn’t lie to you. Oh, the big boys can splash a lot of money on any particular book, i,e book tours, tv/radio show appearances, splashy full colored magazine ads, whatever and the big-time professional reviewers (i.e Booklist, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, etc.) can heap huge amounts of praise on it (sending various librarians swooning), but until the public weighs in with good ole legal tender in hand, no one will know if it likes the book or not. That’s the truth. And now that the genie is out of the bottle, indie-publishers can do what the big boys have always done, put the work out there and let the public have its say. If they like it, they’re let you know. They’ll buy it and heap praise upon it. It’s how it’s always been. And that’s what the big boys didn’t want you to know.