Morning in America

It’s morning in America, people! I’m tired of seeing all the polls of people claiming to be upset with the direction of America and all the people who claim that the country is in dire straits. First some facts, unemployment is down. The stock market is up. Home values are rising again. Interest rates are still low. Gas prices are stable. The world is our oyster Americans. The only thing that needs adjusting is your attitude. Don’t let a few politicians with agendas of their own convince you that you should be sad when you should actually be optimistic and anxious, prepared, and ready to get your piece of the pie. You don’t like the current commander in chief? Fine, Get off your can and work for the candidate of your choice. But don’t try to convince yourself and others that things are worse than they really are. You’re lying to yourself and others and missing out on an opportunity to enjoy the coming boom times. You owe yourself and your country better than that!