Bring PC Back, please!

I know at the moment it’s cool to bash political correctness, you know good ole PC. It seems that no one wants to watch what he or she says any more. It’s okay to bash, lie, and verbally maim anyone these days. Everyone just wants to let it rip. Hurt feelings be damned. The truth and social graces, the hell with them. Little kids taking note, who cares? Now, I’ll be the first to admit that PC had gotten a little too carried away. Right? Calling someone mentally-challenged versus, just plain old stupid is just plain wrong. Stupid is stupid, right? And I still know people who’re confused about the whole little people vs. midget deal (BTW, it’s little people) But you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. A dial back was called for, not a complete overhaul of how we treat one another. There’s no doubt that an unchecked boorishness is afoot in the country and I’m beginning to fear where this thing might be headed. Civility was not and should not be the enemy. I’m raising two boys who I’m trying to prepare to become respectable gentlemen one day. This is getting increasingly more difficult when they see on television, and not comedic kids shows mind you, but real life grown people, politicians, activists, business leaders, just about everyone it seems, acting and sounding like pure jerks. It’s got to stop. I prefer sooner, rather than later. But in the meantime, I’m not waiting for this boorish thing to run its course, I’m jumping off now and heading on back to PC-ville. I guess I’ll see the rest of y’all if and when you decide to join me.