Discrimination Sucks!

I’m a Black man, an African-American, if you will. I’m 47 years old, a married father of two. I’m heterosexual. I graduated from a HBCU (that’s historically black college for those of you scratching your head), I got a MA from East Carolina which is not in one of the power 5 conferences. It was a total of six years from the end of my high school year to the year I graduated from college. I’m an independent publisher (indie author, self publisher for those of you scratching your head) I pledged the alumni chapter of my college fraternity. I’m right-headed and extremely near-sighted. I should mention I’m a dark-complected black man. I’m an American, born and raised in North Carolina. These are just some of the things that define/describe me. Why am I mentioning these things. Well, at some point in my life either I or someone I was extremely close to was discriminated against or treated differently for being or not being one of these things. It’s maddening when you think about it. Why are we so obsessed in trying to prove someone else is not as worthy as us. It’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that there are valid reasons to dislike someone: they’re mean or disrespectful to you. They’ve tried to harm you or yours. They steal from you, etc., But if someone hasn’t done anything to you, other than exist while you’re existing, I don’t get hating them for that. Yeah, their sexual orientation is different from yours. So what? Their gender is different. So what? Their race is different. So What? Their nationality, religion, eye color, school choice, all different. So what? So what? So what? It’s time to end the hate. End the discrimination. Will this post do it. No, I’m not naive. But it’s a start.


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