Glutton For Punishment

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment since I once again gave Publisher’s Weekly an opportunity to review my work and PW once again slammed it. As readers of this blog may recall, PW slammed my novel Fathers House because I described an 11 y.o. urban male as being a prodigy. PW said it ruined the concept of a ‘thriller’ story for them. Okay, whatever. Anyway, my latest novel, is a supernatural thriller, an urban fantasy if you will. Here’s PW’s review in its entirety:

Mingling banal dialogue and armchair philosophy, Baldwin attempts to capture the essence of intrigue in this contemporary urban fantasy with new-adult leanings. Kallie Hunt has just settled back into a routine at Bengate College after the death of her mother, but strange instances of déjà vu continue to interrupt her peace of mind. A series of somewhat contrived chance meetings paves the way for an epic journey, spanning years and several U.S. cities—as well as the mind—and challenging the fabric of religious belief and the basis of human history. The characters, whose actions and emotions are flatly described, have a two-dimensional feel that detracts from an otherwise fascinating plot. The intertwining of nondenominational religious superiority with the American “war on terror” raises philosophical questions that are neither easily nor satisfactorily addressed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate PW’s claim that I attempted to raise philosophical questions in my little tale which includes demons and a Buffy The Vampire type character. And that I challenged the fabric of religious belief and the basis of human history. But really, seriously, I was writing a story about demons. It’s an urban fantasy! I even call it an urban fantasy on the cover. Why is PW slamming me for not answering its philosophical questions? Of course to be fair, they did also say my characters were two -dimensional, which they felt distracted from an otherwise, fascinating plot. So evidently they liked something about my little tale. I’m just sorry that I’m not their idea of Socrates. But then again, I never set out to be.


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