The Wizard World Experience

I attended my first Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend and in a word, wow!. When I signed up for Wizard World Raleigh I had no idea what to expect. I was anxiously looking forward to it of course, but I didn’t know how I would be accepted. I’m an author with exactly one book under my belt, a crime thriller no less and my sophomore book, although an urban fantasy book (which I thought might generate some interest with the graphic novel crowd), is not hitting the streets until June.) How could I, C. Edward Baldwin, an unknown in the Wizard World community, compete with the David Tennants and William Shatners of the world. Well, I got to tell you, just fine thank you very much. Now don’t get wrong, there were many people who attended the Con in Raleigh that still have no idea who C. Edward Baldwin is. But the people who stopped by my booth or even smiled nicely at me while scurrying on by it, made me feel as welcomed as a ham sandwich at an ant mound. They were polite, pleasant, and good-natured. I really don’t have the words to describe how good they made me feel. A good deal of them waited patiently as I pitched my book or played the trailer for it. If it sounded like something they were interested in, they either bought the book or e-card on the spot or promised to explore the book further later. Many of these folk would come back later in the day and buy the book. If it wasn’t their thing, they thanked me kindly nonetheless and moved on. Either way, everyone made me feel absolutely welcomed. So, this post is just about saying to the Wizard World Community….THANK YOU! I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to more Wizard World Cons.


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