The Flood Will Come

I often like to remind myself of Noah. You know Noah of ark fame. We all know the tale. God tells Noah of the coming of a great flood. He instructs Noah to build an ark in anticipation of this flood. Now, when you read the story as a  child I’m sure you tended to think that God told Noah to build this Ark one week, and Noah did so, and then the next week, the floods came. Noah was saved, along with his family and two of every creature, while everyone else perished. But in reality, God came to Noah years in advance of the flood. I’m talking a loooong time in advance. So much so that seasons came and went with no hints of a flood coming. People were LAUGHING at Noah. I’m sure there were points where even his family, including his wife may have doubted what Noah had said God told him. Yet, Noah persisted and kept doing what he’d been instructed to do. I bring this story up because many of you have strong desires in your heart to accomplish something. You didn’t ask for the desire. But it’s there. You may have comfortable jobs. But there’s another job that you have the desire to do; but on the surface, it doesn’t even look like you’re eligible for such a job. Well, it’s my opinion that if you have a strong, sincere desire for a career change, or some noble task that it appears on surface that you’re not capable of doing, don’t poo-poo the desire away. It could be your Creator talking to you. You should listen. Despite what your naysayers mumble, despite what even well-intentioned love ones may mumble. Despite even what your own internal naysayer is mumbling. You have the desire to do something for a reason. That goal can be yours. It may not happen overnight. It may in fact take years. But if it’s for you, then it yours for the taking. Dream big, act BIGGER. The flood will surely come.


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