Why not you? why not me? why not now!

I am a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. I have been since 1979; so it’s kind of an ingrained habit. I live in NC, so I follow the Panthers secondarily. I say all this because I’m getting ready to reference something the QB of the Seattle Seahawks (Russell Wilson) said and I don’t want anyone to accuse me of front-running. Anyway, Wilson said that one of the things he and his teammates decided last year or maybe even the year before was, why not them? Why not the Seattle Seahawks as Super Bowl champions. They were just as deserving and hardworking as any of the other teams. So why not them? And I just love that! So I’ve decided why not me? I’m just as deserving and hardworking as the next person. I have hopes and dreams. So why not me!  And why not me…now! There is no reason why not so  I’m claiming the success I desire. And I’m claiming it right now!  It’s my time. So sayeth me,  C. Edward Baldwin. It’s my moment and I’m claiming it! And I encourage you all to do the same. Claim it. Whatever it is that you hope and desire to have…claim it. Why not you? And why not you…now!


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