Writer’s Digest Conference/NYC

I attended my first writer’s conference this past weekend. And I have to admit, I now understand what all the fuss is about. So I will say, if you’re a writer and you haven’t been to one of these things, you need to get off the old hind-side and get to one. I met many writers this past weekend, from every position on the scale,  from the I’m going to write something one of these days, to the I’ve written something and only my mom has bought it, to the I can move ten million units by just waking up, and every point in between.  I was surprised to learn that a lot of writers feel like I do most days. I love the craft. I hate the craft. I can’t live without the craft. I hate that I can’t live without the craft, etc. etc. Hearing others talk about writing, the craft and the process, is what can I say…inspiring.

I will not name all the speakers and panelists that impressed me because there were numerous ones and I know I will forget someone. So, I’ll only say who had impressed me the most. And that was hands down, Harlan Coben. The man is obviously a genius, and of course, he’s a major bestseller, multiple award winner, etc. etc. But I found him extremely funny and very informative, and yes,  inspiring. I admit that I really didn’t feel like writing tonight. But I thought about something Harlan said, and by George, here I am,  tapping away.

So anyway, that’s my two cents worth. If you write….then write, and then try and squeeze in some time to attend a writer’s conference as soon as you can. I know some of you are saying I can’t afford to go; but really, I say if you’re serious about your craft, you can’t afford, NOT to go.


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