EBook Stats as promised

In last week’s blog I promised to share with you some of my forays into eBook promo sites, such as BookGorilla, BookSends (formerly BookBlast). Before I get into some of the particulars I want to share my philosophy in using book promo sites. Most authors are strictly about the sales. I care about sales too. But I’m not as concerned about sales with my debut novel, Fathers House. Now don’t get me wrong I would have loved for Fathers House to have flown off the virtual shelf. But I goal for it was and is not exactly sales-only related. I knew this was my debut novel, my introduction to the novel-buying, book-reading world. And as such, chances were good it would be ignored for the most part. Here’s a poorly kept secret, most books are ignored. If your book is ignored, it’s a typical book. The abnormal books are the bestsellers. In life, book selling is one of the places where you wish to be abnormal. For most of us, it’s a grind. Anyway, Fathers House although I still dream about it being on everyone’s ereader of choice, is doing about as expected. With that being said, the stats.

BookGorilla: 25 sales

BookSends: 44 sales

Ereader news: 67 sales according to them (82 sales per me)

Fussy Librarian: 0 sales

Reader Giveways: 12 sales

Ebook Soda: 12 sales

EBook Arrow: 8 sales

Ereader News is hands down the most bang for your buck. They only charge 25% of your profits for sales generated thru their website. For me, that meant a bill of about $5. But like I said, I got about 15 add’l sales I know was EReader news generated and that site didn’t charge me for them. I like all the sites, I think some of them are a bit pricey at points; but at the same time when you’re trying to introduce yourself to the book buying public, you’ve got to utilize as many sites as you can reasonably afford. (at least that’s my philosophy. I stress that these are my stats. Some people have done way better, some way worse. But again, for me, it’s all about introducing C. Edward Baldwin to the world. So, in that regard I give thumbs up to all the sites I’ve used.


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